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About Lisa



Gut Health Optimization to benefit:

  • Digestive Disorders (IBS, Leaky Gut, etc.)

  • Digestive Imbalance (Gas, Bloating, Irregularity)

  • Hormone Imbalance

  • Mood Imbalance

  • Weight Loss

  • Detoxification

Clinical Tools:

  • Functional Nutrition Lab Testing

  • Custom Supplement Planning

My Story


I started my nutrition journey by taking a nutrition class in college, which was perfect timing as I struggled with low energy and lack of mental focus during lectures.  That was during the fat-free diet craze when we thought eating low-fat or no-fat was the path to good health.  So as I snacked on my fat-free pretzels and sipped on my diet cola (fat-free...must be healthy), I could not figure out why I kept falling asleep in classes.  By the end of the semester, I determined I was completely lacking nutritional balance and key nutrients to supply my body and brain with energy!  I learned how to choose the right foods to significantly improve my mental focus and energy level to the point where I had to learn more about the benefits of nutrition!  ​

I completed my B.S. degree in Dietetics (University of Wisconsin) and went on to earn an M.S. degree in Nutrition (University of Minnesota) and became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.  During my time in graduate school, I was experiencing a higher stress level due to school demands and a close family member becoming very ill.  I am convinced that this stress led to my own gastrointestinal illness.  After consulting a gastroenterologist to rule out significant disease, I used my own nutrition knowledge to heal my digestive tract and overcome symptoms.  This further motivated me to help others improve their own health problems through nutritional strategies. 

I have completed advanced training to become an Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner (IFNCP), which has allowed me to take a deeper dive into the root cause of health problems with my clients.   Areas of specialization include digestive disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut, and detoxification.  I also work with clients struggling with hormone imbalances, weight loss, and mood imbalance, as gut health has a significant link to these and many other health problems.  I incorporate functional nutrition lab testing and customized supplement programs to further personalize a path to better health. 

I would love to discuss how I can help you with your health concern or your desire to feel better.  Book your complimentary Introductory Call online today.




  • B.S. degree in Dietetics (University of Wisconsin)

  • M.S. degree in Nutrition​ (University of Minnesota​)


  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)

  • Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner (IFNCP)

  • Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management

  • Certificate of Training in Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management

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